Yoga's Healing Power

Yoga’s Healing Power Review

Yoga’s Healing Power: Looking Inward for Change, Growth & Peace

Yoga's Healing PowerAlly Hamilton lives and breathes yoga.

I don’t mean to say that she’s obsessive, but she’s not your average yoga instructor. Yogic practices permeate every facet of her existence.

That’s also not to say that she’s some enlightened guru looking down from her pedestal. In Yoga’s Healing Power, Hamilton is as real as it gets.

The Struggle is Real

She lays bare her own intimate struggles and how each relates to one of the eight limbs of yoga, which are guidelines for leading a purposeful life. While each experience is deeply personal, there is a good chance you, the reader, have encountered a similar situation in your own life.

Each of the limbs also includes the yamas and niyamas. If you’re starting to tune out at this point with all these yoga buzzwords coming at you, don’t stress.

Prior to reading Yoga’s Healing Power, despite the years I’ve spent “namastaying” right along with countless instructional videos, I thought of yoga as really good stretching. I didn’t realize there is an entire philosophy behind it and it can truly be a way of life. Hamilton is skilled at explaining how each limb, with all its yamas and niyamas, can help you lead a more fulfilled existence.

Yoga is the Best Therapy

Each chapter closes with meditations, journal prompts, and yoga poses. You’re not just an observer to Hamilton’s personal strife. She leads you right into how each tenet can be applied to your own experience and how you can overcome lingering wounds. There’s practically a full therapy session in each chapter.

That’s the core lesson of the book – to look inward for ultimate and lasting healing. It’s much more than an instructional guide to yoga poses. It’s a path to self awareness, gratitude and inner peace.

The author serves the prompts, but the reader does the legwork. If you want a full understanding of yoga as a path, not just an exercise, Yoga’s Healing Power is a good place to start before you move on to deeper texts. Hamilton’s style is reassuring and comforting as she pushes the reader to take a sometimes painful look at life choices.

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