#GIRLBOSSThere are few CEOs in the world who would publicly own up to starting out a career by shoplifting, drifting, and job hopping. Sophia Amoruso does just that in #GIRLBOSS, and that’s exactly what makes her an author worth reading. Her brash honesty is refreshing and shows the reader she can start at the absolute bottom and with a little grit, still become a success.

#GIRLBOSS details Amoruso’s unlikely journey as founder and CEO of Nasty Gal clothing, an online vintage resale shop. She built Nasty Gal into a $250 million dollar cash cow from its humble beginnings as an ebay store, but still manages to maintain the scrappy sass that propelled her into the forefront of the fashion industry.

The book is a testament to Amoruso’s work ethic. Despite her rocky beginnings, once she found her passion, she basically ate, slept and breathed Nasty Gal through its rise to the top. The company was built on her dedication and social media savvy, and in #GIRLBOSS she gives the reader advice for building her own personal empire from scratch. She also focuses heavily on maintaining humility while asserting oneself.

The majority of the book revolves around Amoruso’s biography more so than tutorials for becoming a girl boss, but there is much to be learned from the author’s mistakes and experiences. If nothing else, it’s a swift kick in the pants to get moving on your own dreams and stop letting your past hold you back. It’s more motivational than instructional, but well worth the read when you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. The only thing that could make Amoruso even easier to relate to is if she managed to do it all with a couple of kids and a significant other vying for attention, but I won’t hold that lack of challenge against her. #GIRLBOSS is a feel good book for the realist, and a source of inspiration to every woman on a mission to be the boss.

Sabrina Brawley

I'm an avid reader with a serious self-improvement and motivation addiction!

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