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Reinvent Yourself Review

Reinvent YourselfWith attention directed specifically at midlife professionals who might be considering a career change, Hugh Taylor has compiled a collection of interviews with transformation coaches in Reinvent Yourself: Great Coaches Talk About Starting Over. Each interview covers what the coach specializes in, how they came to work in that field, and what types of clients they typically encounter.

The book is short. The brief 110 pages includes notes pages and generous, double-spaced content. When you pick this book up, you’re not looking at a big commitment.

The book is more inspirational than actionable, but it does provide a glimmer of hope to professionals who may be hesitant to make career changes due to any number of reasons. Many of these reasons are touched on in the book, so it’s good motivation to stop making excuses and move forward. However, the way to move forward remains unclear.

There did seem to be one general consensus among several of the interviewees, and that was that job boards and traditional ways of job hunting are increasingly obsolete. The way to find a place to create a lasting contribution in today’s market is to network. It’s all about who you know.

It is pretty clear the intention of the book is to direct the reader back to the author’s site, It’s designed to facilitate communication between midlife professionals and coaches. However, when I visited the forum, there were a total of two posts and three members, so it’s not a very thriving community. Plus, the site was running atrociously slow. There were six products for sale, but there was no way I was waiting around for each one to load so I could see what they were all about. Nothing has been posted on the Facebook page in about five months as of this writing. Perhaps it’s a little early for a book and more attention should be paid to building that community, as it’s a little disappointing to visit the site and find a ghost town.

This is a quick read that leaves the reader wanting more, but when it’s finished, there isn’t any more to be found. It is perfectly targeted and would make a great point of reference, but I think more thought needed to be put into the all around intention of the book and the resources available to interested readers.

Reinvent Yourself: Great Coaches Talk About Starting Over
Hugh Taylor
2015, Hugh Taylor
ISBN: 9781506173023

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