The ZomB and the VampR

The ZomB and the VampR: A Nocturnal Fable – Review

The ZomB and the VampRLooking to get away from bland old children’s book plots? What about a modern take on a classic fable with a playful jab at millennials and a light macabre twist?

I can’t take credit for finding this gem of a book. All the credit goes to my three-year-old son, who spotted a zombie on the cover from a mile away and bolted for the author’s booth at the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival.

After we spent a few moments speaking to the author and purchased our copy of The Zomb and the VampR by Candy and Jonathan Rosenbaum, my little one happily walked away clutching his new book and refused to let go of it the remainder of the trip. He asked me to read it to him several times while we were walking and while I was driving, and I had to explain that it would have to wait until we got home.

Kaylen with Zombie BookLet me say, the kid knows a good book when he sees it. This adorable little picture book is a modern version of The Tortoise and the Hare, but decked out with zombies, vampires and Smartphones, instead. The ZomB and the VampR both climb out of their graves just in time to catch a whiff of their human dinner. Immediately, the race is on. You can probably guess which character embodies the tortoise and which one takes on the characteristics of the hare.

It’s a cute, quick story with a comedic element that appeals to both children and adults. The VampR has a very familiar addiction to his Smartphone and social media, and it makes for some amusing one-liners. When his wife calls, he quips “It’s the Vife. I have to get this or she’ll stake me.” I had to read it twice in one sitting, most likely because my little one found it hilarious every time I read “brains” in my best zombie voice. He couldn’t get enough.

The bold illustrations are visually appealing and complement the story well, without appearing menacing or scary for young readers. I highly recommend The ZomB and the VampR for children ages 3-7. Of course, make sure the child isn’t squeamish about creatures of the night and the fact they’re seeking a meal of brains and blood. These classic horror icons should satisfy young readers with a taste for something different.

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Candy and Jonathan Rosenbaum
ISBN-10: 0985986328
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October 31, 2014

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