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STUFFology 101: Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter – Review

Stuffology 101

STUFFology 101: Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter is a guide for removing clutter from our lives. In the book, authors Brenda Avadian, MA and Eric Riddle share anecdotes about their own experiences with clutter and overcoming the unconscious behaviors that create it.

Avadian and Riddle relate these anecdotes in a fun, fast-paced writing style. The tales are easy to identify with and probably all too familiar for most readers. Most of us experience daily clutter on at least a small level — that junk drawer or special closet that seems to collect things on its own. This book is definitely not for severe hoarders or people with psychological issues that drive them to surround themselves with things. It’s for the general population who tend to let a small area get out of control while they focus on other aspects of living.

Unfortunately, the fun style gets encumbered by at strange first-person, third-person back and forth narrative. It gets a little confusing at times, because it switches between the two without any notice, so you’re not sure whose perspective is being narrated for a moment. It would flow a lot better if the authors either chose one third-person narrative for the entire book or just let each author speak entirely from their own perspective.

Avadian and Riddle have some great first-hand experience in dealing with and overcoming their own clutter, but their personal anecdotes make up the bulk of the book. For someone looking for hardcore executable solutions, there are none to be found. There are a few tips like working on a small area at a time or taking before and after pictures, but otherwise, the reader will learn more about the authors’ problems than their own.

I feel like this book has a lot of potential, as the authors have a knack for pinpointing common behaviors and pain points among us all. However, it falls short of offering actionable solutions, and my hope is that it’s not deliberate so as to encourage the reader to buy into their organizational mentoring services. I will also add that I loved the look and feel of the book. The cover design, size of the book, font, and type of paper all contribute to an overall enjoyable reading experience.

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