Kidnapped by Nuns

Kidnapped by Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio – Spotlight

Kidnapped by Nuns

Kidnapped by Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio by Bob Fuss


In this memoir from an award-winning journalist, Bob Fuss takes readers on a journey over the last four decades of news from Hollywood to Washington and around the world from Andorra to Zimbabwe. Ride the campaign plane with Ronald Reagan, get the inside story of why Congress is such a disaster and share adventure travel stories from a globetrotting correspondent.

Retired CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss covered 15 academy award shows, traveled with half a dozen Presidents, covered Congress for more than 20 years and includes travelogues from his adventures around the world.

The stories, described by one reviewer as “vivid, warm and funny” cover everything from earth-quakes and coups to show business and welcoming in the new millennium with the King of Tonga.

Fuss’ personal story, including adventures on wild rivers and ski slopes, has its own unusual elements, including the fact that millions of radio listeners over forty years had no idea he was disabled and had always walked on crutches.

Book Excerpt

The offer was serious.

As I looked out to the pristine white sand beach from the thatched meeting house with no walls, the chief of this small village in Fiji told me I could choose any of the local girls and marry her and stay with my own hut in this little slice of paradise.

I must admit there have been times I’ve looked back at that moment in my twenties and questioned my choice, but there were so many adventures I would have missed in forty years as a radio correspondent: Visiting Cuba with the Pope, huddling with rebels
during an uprising in the Philippines, covering half a dozen presidential campaigns, 15 Academy Awards shows and welcoming in the new millennium with the King of Tonga. As a boy I always planned to be a lawyer. A Supreme Court Justice actually, but first
things first. I was born on New York’s Long Island and spent my first five years there before my family moved to Los Angeles.

The move was actually because of me. Born with a whole range of birth defects similar to spina bifida, my parents were told I was unlikely to live past childhood. The lesson of never fully trusting doctors took hold early.

Pretty much everything below the waist was deformed in some way: my feet pointed the wrong direction, my knees didn’t bend, internal organs were messed up, and lower vertebra were missing. Years later as I reported on abortion rights battles it would
sometimes occur to me that if ultrasound tests had been used in the early 1950s there was no doubt a well-meaning doctor would have recommended terminating me. Though I learned quickly to get around by pushing a chair or a wagon or anything else
that was handy before learning to walk on crutches, my parents worried living in snow and ice in the winters would be too difficult for me. While it wasn’t the only reason they decided to move to California, it was the main one.

They loaded up their rambler station wagon with three kids and a dog and headed west. My father had interviews lined up and joined an accounting firm soon after arriving in Los Angeles, where he would become a partner and stay the rest of his working life. Years later when I lived in New York and Washington and took up skiing there was some irony, but my parents loved California and hated the cold weather and were always happy they had moved.

They grew up in Brooklyn and met as teenagers. My father Milton was a natural athlete and my mother Carrie first noticed him on the basketball court. Though both were Jewish, neither would end up practicing the religion.

Book Details

Kidnapped by Nuns and Other Stories of a Life on the Radio
Bob Fuss
ISBN-13: 978-1508488132
ISBN-10: 1508488134
Published March 2015 by Robert Fuss
Available in trade paperback, e-book and audiobook narrated by the author.
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Robert Fuss

About the Author

Bob Fuss has been a national radio reporter since 1974 when he graduated from Stanford at the age of 19. He’s covered hollywood celebrities,space exploration, crime, coups, natural disasters and national politics. Before retiring as a CBS News Correspondent in 2014 he covered Congress for 23 years and traveled on Presidential Campaigns beginning in 1980. An award winning journalist he previously worked as a correspondent for UPI Radio Network and NBC Radio. His travels have taken him to all 50 states and more than 70 countries.

Fuss was honored in 2015 with the Career Achievement Award for his coverage of congress by the Radio and Television Correspondents Association.

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