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Review: Animal Teachers by Janet Halfmann

Animal TeachersDid you know an orangutan builds a new nest in the trees every night before it goes to sleep? Did you know that mother otters often wrap themselves and their pups in seaweed to keep from floating away while they sleep?

Janet Halfmann’s newest children’s book, Animal Teachers, explores how animal parents become teachers to their young. It covers some interesting quirks of beavers, elephants, bears, cheetahs and more. It’s filled with lots of tidbits of information about animals that someone who is not a zoologist is not likely to know. It’s bound to be a learning tool for parents, as well as children. Each blurb ends with questions that ask the reader if they have similar abilities as they animal they just learned about.

The gorgeous, full-color illustrations were done by award-winning artist Katy Hudson. They fit with the story nicely, demonstrating the animal parents taking care of their young. These incredibly detailed pictures would make beautiful framed artwork for a child’s room, as well. They lend just as much value to the story as Halfmann’s informative narration.

I generally judge the quality of a children’s book by my own children’s reaction to it. In this case, my three-year-old was literally jumping up and down as I read along. He was eager to answer the questions posed about each animal and prove he possessed the same abilities as his wild counterparts. This level of interactivity, as opposed to just passively listening, provided an additional layer of enjoyment.

Janet Halfmann is a favorite author here at Breeni Books. My older children were introduced to her books when they were young, and as each outgrew them, their younger siblings became fans not far behind. You can read about some of her previous releases: A Rainbow of Birds, Little Black Ant on Park Street, Seven Miles to Freedom, and Little Skink’s Tail. Halfmann always does a superb job of making learning fun and exciting for children, while teaching parents a thing or two in the process.

Elephant from Animal Teachers

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Animal Teachers
By Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Katy Hudson
ISBN: 1609053915
ISBN-13: 9781609053918
August 5th 2014
Blue Apple Books

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