Review: Disney Frozen (A Little Golden Book) by Victoria Saxon

FrozenChildren just can’t seem to get enough of the Disney movie Frozen. Let’s face it. We adults are kind of partial to it, as well.

It was inevitable that a Little Golden Book version of the story was released. It was also inevitable that it would end up in my house. I have a Frozen-crazed three-year-old.

It meets the standard Little Golden Book quality, with the familiar gold illustrated spine. The gorgeous illustrations match the movie perfectly, so children will instantly recognize all of their favorite characters.

Little Golden Books are short, and this is evidenced in this ultra-condensed version of the movie. The book reads very quickly, but it is an exact recap of the movie, told in 24 pages. That’s 109 minutes of movie crammed into just a few one-liners.

That’s not to say that children won’t enjoy it. I’ve already had to read this book multiple times to my little one, and he never seems to tire of it. (Just like he never tires of the movie or soundtrack after 3000 times.)

It moves way too quickly for my taste and doesn’t give much time for character development. In reality, the children reading this book have more than likely already seen the movie and are familiar with every facet of every single character, so it won’t be a hindrance to their enjoyment like it will be to adults. They’ll just be excited to point out the characters they recognize. My little one pointed out the faceless snowman at the beginning would eventually become Olaf.

There’s nothing ground-breaking contained in this children’s picture book, but it is a staple possession for any Frozen fan. It will be a lovely addition to your Little Golden Book collection and will be read more times than you will care to admit.

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