A Rainbow of Birds by Janet Halfmann

A Rainbow of Birds
By Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Jack Foster
ISBN: 1616334622
February 15, 2014
Guardian Angel Publishing

Janet Halfmann has been a favorite author in our family for years. My older boys grew up on her books, so naturally their two-year-old baby brother became a Halfmann fan, as well. I think it’s the subject matter her books typically cover that is so intriguing to young readers, in particular little boys. I think we started with Little Skink’s Tail, and what little boy can resist a book about creepy crawlies? I was excited to read about a new release from Halfmann on Mymcbooks blog. I was even more excited when I won a copy in her giveaway! Thanks, Ella!

We didn’t waste any time diving into the book as soon as we got home and found it had arrived in the mail. The story centers on Papa Bird, who decides to tell his chicks a story about how rainbows are made. It’s a mythical tale that assigns a type of bird to each color of the rainbow, so children can learn to recognize familiar birds they might find outside. It wraps up with a little science, explaining how rainbows are actually created and introducing the Roy G. Biv spectrum. There are also experiments for little ones to create their own rainbows.

Kaylen enjoyed the book so much that he refused to give it up when I asked for it to write a quick review. He wanted to read it over and over again. The bright illustrations prompted him to reach out and touch every page as we flipped through. I have a feeling we’ll be reading this at bedtime for a few days, at least, as he’s pretty hooked on it. Once again, Janet Halfmann has captivated my son’s attention!

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