6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise! by JJ Smith

6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise!
By JJ Smith
2014, Adiva Publishing

After reading and living JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, the success I was experiencing made me want to glean any other bits of wisdom I could from this lady. The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse introduced me to the damage toxins are performing on my body every day. It was all about getting healthy. I’ll be honest. For me,¬†6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise! was about exactly that: losing belly fat. Before kids, I always struggled with my belly as a problem area. I guess you’d call me an “apple” body type. Three kids later, I call my belly a disaster area. I’m ready for a change.

Smith is a nutritionist, not a doctor. But with my experience with doctors, this gives her even more credibility to me. 6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise! opens with testimonials from others who have taken Smith’s advice. Then Smith illustrates why she knows what she’s talking about. The reader gets to see before and after pictures of the author’s own belly issue, and read what prompted her to take action on her own. The premise of the book is not to say that exercise is bad or unnecessary, but that there are other ways to see real results without grind. I was already exercising, despite my abhorrence for it, so I just continued as planned.

Chapter 1 lists seven “Fat-Belly Foods” to begin eliminating from your diet. Don’t worry, Smith provides recipes in the appendix of healthier alternatives. Most of the foods listed won’t be a surprise. We’ve had this information drilled into us by the media for years now. However, what is helpful is the way Smith goes into detail about why each of these foods is so dangerous and what effects they have on the body. She counters with seven “Flat-Belly Foods”. Again, no huge surprises here, but very informative. She then provides some basic principles to apply when choosing foods to achieve that flat belly.

Chapter 2 is all about fat-blasting supplements. I found this chapter particularly helpful in choosing supplements to add to my own diet. There are probably some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t, but Smith’s thorough examination of each makes it a valuable chapter.

Chapter 3 is about cleansing. Thanks to the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I was already past this step, but Smith provides some other ideas for cleaning the toxins out of our bodies. She provides the same quiz that was in the smoothie cleanse book to determine if you are a prime candidate for detox, and most of us are.

Chapter 4 delves into detail about hormonal imbalances that cause belly fat. The main part is she explains how to go about correcting these imbalances. Thankfully, changing your eating habits as instructed in Chapter 1 takes care of a lot of the work for you.

Chapter 5 covers nasty habits that cause belly fat while chapter 6 covers allergens that could be causing it. As usual, not a lot of surprises here, but very helpful information to take away. You’ll be an expert when you’re finished reading.

She closes with a list of FAQs and a seven-day meal plan to send you on your way. Then she closes with 50 recipes. Admittedly, I’m a picky eater so I’m only able to use a limited number of these recipes. I don’t eat seafood or fish, so that eliminated quite a few off the bat. For the average person, this should be a treasure trove of meal ideas.

6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise! was a quick read, but a very informative one. I can definitely tell a difference in my health and the way I feel since I’ve been implementing Smith’s advice. It’s really changed my way of life, and I’m an evangelist, spreading her word to everyone I know (okay, my mom). I like Smith’s realism and the way she provides tools for taking charge of your own health and appearance. Smith is on my list of authors to keep an eye on now, as I’ll be consistently looking for new work ¬†from her.

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