Jungle Bullies and The Little Squeegy Bug Weekend

My two-year-old, Kaylen, and I covered two new books this weekend. I found them while trying out my hand-me-down Kindle and trying to entertain the little one at the same time. Both were released in 2012 by Two Lions Press. One was amazing and one fell short just a little. Jungle Bullies is the #1 seller in children’s animal stories on Amazon. The full reviews follow, and can be found on Amazon, as well.

Jungle Bullies

Jungle Bullies
By Steven Kroll
Illustrated by Vincent Nguyen
Two Lions, November 2012

This children’s book delivers in every aspect. It has beautiful illustrations, whimsical characters, a rhyming chorus, and an important message about bullying. It tells of a chain of bullying prompted by one elephant that finally ends with one little monkey. With the help of his mom, monkey gathers the courage to stand up to his own bully, leopard. This prompts leopard to question his own actions and stand up to the one who bullied him. As all the animals gather courage and join together, it eventually reaches back to the original bully. All the jungle animals come to the realization that working together and sharing are much more enjoyable than bullying.

 With the rich colorful, illustrations and rhyming chorus repeated throughout the text, it definitely keeps a child’s attention and hammers home the message. Children learn to anticipate what is coming next and join in. It was a winner with my two-year-old and I foresee us reading it again and again.

The Little Squeegy Bug
By Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson
Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan
Two Lions, December 2012

This cute book with lovely illustrations tells the story of how a little squeegy bug becomes a firefly. It takes the reader along with the little bug as he tries to find his own silver wings to be like a bumblebee. Along the way he finds new friends who help him become his own unique self. The brilliant illustrations really make the book, and I was particularly fond of the typography and the way the words flowed along aspects of the images on some pages. It held my two-year-old’s attention and made a great bedtime story. I gave it four stars because I just don’t see it as a book he will ask to read again. It just didn’t have any significant features to call the reader back.

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