10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith

10 Day Green Smoothie CleanseI cannot remember what I was searching when I came across JJ Smith’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse on Amazon. But when I saw it, something prompted me to check it out, almost like I was drawn to it. To provide some background on why I found this book so appealing, I’ve been suffering from some health issues for a while now, and doctor visits had only left me with more questions and no diagnosis. I’ve been slowly transitioning into all natural cleaning and hygiene products in an attempt to treat some of my symptoms. A smoothie cleanse to rid myself of toxins (with weight-loss as an added  bonus) seemed right up my alley.

Smith is a nutritionist, not a doctor. I figured since doctors had failed me thus far, it couldn’t hurt to heed the words of a nutritionist! Smith begins by explaining what her green smoothies are and why the cleanse is worth trying. She details how environmental toxins in the food we eat and the products we use are basically causing our systems to shut down as we overload our bodies with destructive substances. Yes, we’ve heard it all before, but it needs to be hammered in to really take root. The part that hit closest to home was Smith’s self-assessment quiz to determine if you’re a prime candidate for detoxing. Of course, I ticked off a large majority of the symptoms, so I was one of the best candidates for the cleanse, according to the author.

Despite my lack of willpower, I had reached a level of desperation, so I decided to take the plunge. Smith carefully lays out the 10 day cleanse program and important steps to follow during the cleanse. She names foods that must be avoided to get our bodies back on track. She provides an extensive list of greens to be used in the smoothies and the benefits of each type. Smith explains everything so thoroughly, you really can’t go wrong. She even provides a full shopping list for picking up groceries and detailed recipes, so she’s already done the work for you. She offers tips for success and an FAQ detailing a number of questions that might come up. 

My Results

As of today, I’m on Day 5 and for the first time in my 36 years, I can honestly say I’ve stuck with a diet plan–if you consider it to be that. On Day 1, I was sleepy after a long night with an ornery toddler, so I was pretty grumpy and out of it already. This was also making me want to snack more so I was basically starving. But the smoothies were so tasty I was able to make it through. My only slip up was that I ate sweetened peanut butter for a snack where she suggested unsweetened peanut butter because I didn’t have access to the latter. By Day 2, I received a full night’s sleep so I was in better spirits, though still quite hungry. I got my hands on a jar of unsweetened peanut butter so I was able to stay on track. The smoothie recipe for Day 3 called for a banana, and I’m allergic to bananas. I decided since I was eating it over the course of the entire day instead of all at once, I’d see if it would be okay. It was for the most part, but it gave me a terrible stomach ache. When I saw Day 4 called for bananas, as well, I just added extra berries instead and all was well. I was still pretty hungry though and snacked all day. By today, my body seemed to have fully adjusted because I didn’t feel like I was starving in between smoothies and made it through another successful day. 

It’s half-way through the cleanse and I am feeling great. Other than desperately craving a cheeseburger like a crack-addict, I’m doing better than ever. I have lots of energy, my brain fog is gone, and I’m in positive spirits despite the fact I recently went off my antidepressant. I’ve been exercising, as well, so I feel stronger. Smith doesn’t call specifically for exercise in the plan (though she definitely doesn’t discount the value), but I was already working out so it was inevitable I would continue. I’ve noticed my muscle and joint pain subsiding, as well. Oh, and did I mention the best part? I’ve lost five pounds! The book doesn’t lie!

The author’s smoothie recipes are pretty simple to follow. There are a few ingredients that might be hard to find in some areas (ground flax seed, for example) but overall, they can all be found at your local grocery store. The only complaint I have about the ingredients is the cost. Smith encourages use of organic ingredients as much as possible. If they can even be found in organic versions, which in my case weren’t always available, the cost might be prohibitive. I spent a lot more on groceries for the smoothie cleanse than I would on a normal grocery trip. Once you factor in all the healthy snacks you’ll need for the first few days you feel like you’re starving, you come up with a pretty hefty budget. Just keep in mind it’s only for ten days.

I see no problem with being able to complete the entire cleanse, so I will trudge on. The author provides a plan for transitioning back to “real” food after the smoothie cleanse, complete with recipes for healthy meals. I’ve found very few diet plans that were as simple for the reader to implement and guided the reader as well as Smith does. Since purchasing this book, I’ve also purchased her 6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise, so keep an eye out for that upcoming review. I have a lot of confidence in this author and am taking her words to heart.
10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
By JJ Smith
2014, Adiva Publishing

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