Review: Recovering Me, Discovering Joy by Vivian Eisenecher

Recovering Me, Discovering JoyDuring her struggles with alcoholism and undiagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder, Vivian Eisenecher discovered a grounding force in spirituality. In Recovering Me, Discovering Joy, Eisenecher recounts the events and influences that led to her institutional confinement and 12-step recovery, along with the revelations she made along the way. The book is written in the tone of the wisened and reformed addict, on a path of continual self-actualization. She includes the story of her husband’s own rehabilitation after experiencing a massive stroke, because the devastation and subsequent stages of grieving and acceptance required a similar vein of recovery.

Much of Eisenecher’s philosophy is derived from her own personal type of cognitive therapy. While there are references to compounded events and hereditary psychological disorders that might have prompted her addiction to alcohol, the author chooses to focus on the proactive changes she has made in her daily life, primarily in her general approach. Gratitude and acceptance are key themes to her success with sobriety. She encourages learning to roll with the punches and looking for the underlying positive aspect in every tragedy.

Recovering Me, Discovering Joy is an uplifting book, even in the moments Eisenecher is reliving personal struggles. It is obvious the author has been able to reform her way of thinking, in that she manages to narrate misfortune with an air of accomplishment. She is able to stand back and objectively recount some pretty grim details, recognizing the role of disappointment in her learning process. Eisenecher writes with confidence, which is not a character trait that comes naturally for her. This is indicative of her level of realization.

And yet, the book is not about Vivian Eisenecher. It is about every person who struggles with negativity and loss. It speaks to the millions of Americans with psychological disorders and those experiencing substance abuse problems. Eisenecher relates easily to the reader, delivering a sense of peace and strength. By following her lead, readers can begin to take control of their lives and build positive relationships.

Recovering Me, Discovering Joy has earned a place among inspirational guides. Vivian Eisenecher has created an important tool for victims of chemical dependency. It is one to keep on hand and refer to during difficult times, or to reaffirm direction.

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Recovering Me, Discovering Joy: Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness
By Vivian Eisenecher
ISBN-10: 0981487157
ISBN-13: 978-0981487151
Paperback, 224 pages
October 13, 2008
KTW Publishing

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