The Power of Yin

Review: The Power of Yin by Hazel Henderson, Jean Houston, and Barbara Marx Hubbard

Over two weekends in 1977 and 1978, three influential feminists gathered for a conference of sorts, tossing around ideas and emphasizing the potential for humanity’s redemption. Thirty years later, the transcripts of these conversations are available to a fresh new generation of feminists, still relevant and timely to the current evolutionary stage of the world. The Power of Yin, edited by Barbara DeLaney, is a vision of the current shift in consciousness and what the future may hold.

Beginning with a foreword note from each participant, explaining how the concepts they brainstormed decades ago still apply to current society, The Power of Yin divides each conversation into a single chapter. Chapters are introduced by the subject matter covered in each dialogue. The ladies waste no time and jump right to the heart of their concerns, exploring the concept of female consciousness through each person’s individual experience and through influential leaders of the time.

What experience is each woman bringing to the table?

Hazel Henderson is the founder of Ethical Markets Media and full-time producer of its television series. She is “a world-renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, and consultant on sustainable development.”

Jean Houston is a founder of The Foundation for Mind Research and of the Mystery School. She is “an advisor to UNICEF in human and cultural development and a principal founder of the Human Potential Movement.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard is “president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and a cofounder of Washington D.C.’s Committee for the Future.” She received the first doctorate in Conscious Evolution and was nominated for President on the 1984 Democratic ticket.

Not for the light reader, many of the references and obscure terms will require further research. (I kept my dictionary and computer nearby during the entire 196 pages.) This is far from an introduction to feminism or facets of consciousness, and understanding the meaning behind the words may require complementary resources. But recognizing the concepts in current patterns of human development offers many levels of enlightenment.

Most will agree that combating the perils of our time such as global warming and destructive technology requires inventive new solutions, possibly like nothing ever conceived of before. Approaching dilemmas from a feminine perspective rather than the accepted capitalistic norms could be the key to overcoming threats to our existence. This is not a game plan, but a new level of awareness that changes the motivations of humanity.

The Power of Yin
By Hazel Henderson, Jean Houston, and Barbara Marx Hubbard
Edited by Barbara DeLaney
ISBN-10: 1596058870
ISBN-13: 978-1596058873
Trade paperback, 196 pages
June 1, 2007

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